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Back to School, Already!?

Some Central Indiana students return to school next week (what happened to going back after Labor Day?!) and parenting time will change. So don't forget once school starts back your regular parenting time schedule will be in place.

A rule of thumb we tell our clients is: "If you did not have the children the previous weekend, you should have the upcoming weekend." This is a simple and straightforward approach to a sometimes difficult topic.

Also, returning back to school can be a very stressful time for your child. I cannot stress enough to my clients to:

  1. Work together and co-parent on school supplies, uniforms, bus schedules, pick up and drop off schedules, tutoring, books, school related activities, and homework;

  2. See what your child needs before school starts and what the other parent needs too (help is always nice, no matter who it is coming from); and

  3. Discuss together what is best for your child and how you both can help in creating a smooth transition back into the classroom for them.


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