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Fall & Winter Holiday Schedule per the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

School is starting back; July is almost over; and before you know it, Jack-o-Lanterns, Tom the Turkey, and Christmas music will be everywhere. Fall and Winter holidays are an essential part of parenting time this time of year. It can cause a whole sort of problems for parents, but only if you let it. Some of the problems it can cause are: multiple weekends in a row, scheduling confusion, traveling, and parenting exchanges. This should be a time when you and your children enjoy the holidays and your time together.

I created an outline below to demonstrate the odd-year Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines ("IPTG") holiday schedule for the fall and winter months (September - December), who exercises each holiday and the dates for 2019.

An easy and simple tip to handle holiday scheduling: plan ahead. Look at the calendar, determine which parent has which weekend and talk with the the other parent. Discuss plans for exchanging, traveling, costumes, gifts, and activities. I promise, discussing these issues a month or more in advance will make the holidays less stressful for you and your family come this holiday season.


*The outline above is pursuant to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, which most Indiana Courts order parents to follow. However, Courts may order other schedules. It is also important that you follow the terms of your parenting time order.


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